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WG No. 1

Removal of concrete by high-pressure water-jet, mechanically powered or hand operating tools

WG No. 2

Cleaning of steel reinforcement

WG No. 3

Corrosion protection of steel reinforcement

WG No. 4

Adhesive and protective coat

WG No. 5

Damages repair on concrete surfaces

WG No. 6

Concrete segregation repairs

WG No. 7

Cracks repair

WG No. 8

Concrete surface protection

WG No. 9

Waterproofing of bridge superstructure under wearing surface

WG No. 10

Repair of corrosion centres in way of tendons

WG No. 11

Repair of breakthroughs in the carriageway slab

WG No. 12

Restoration of upper concrete layer on slab

WG No. 13

Applying carbon laminates and tissues to concrete surfaces


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