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E/2 - Epoxy Binder


E/2 is a two-component, solventless, pure epoxy binder with excellent mechanical performances, good chemical resistance and outstanding adhesion to most known substrates in the construction industry such as concrete, metal, stone, marble and wood.


E/2 is suitable for consolidating degraded supports, where the viscosity is adjusted to suite the workability, by adding filler (coarse aggregate) and thickening agent on site, as required for the specific demands:

  • mixed with thickening agents to prepare impregnating and anchoring binders for application of carbon laminates, carbon, aramidic and glass fibers (Carbonforce).
  • mixed with quartz aggregates in granulometric curve to prepare general purpose epoxy mortars for:
    • Patching spalls, pop-outs, floor toppings
    • Fixing machine and stanchion bases, manhole frames and covers, ragbolts, pins, tie-beams, etc.
  • Rebuilding degraded joints in civil construction, bridges piles, canal locks, etc.
  • on its own, as primer for polymeric mortars and for embedding bolts, re-bars, dowels.
  • on its own, to saturate platings when an extra stiffness is required.

E/2 based mortars, after 24 hours, meet and exceed the strength of a 28 days cured PCC.

Thanks to its unique formulation, E/2 alone can solve many problems on site.

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