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L.A. 2s - Epoxy Liquid Adhesive 2S


L.A. 2S is a two-component, low-viscosity, solventless, liquid epoxy adhesive with an excellent adhesion to most known substrates in the construction industry such as concrete, metal, stone, marble, and wood. L.A. 2S combines high strength with resiliency, will not shrink or become brittle. L.A. 2S assures a perfect adhesion of freshly mixed concrete to existing one and water-proofs any treated area.


Binding of freshly mixed concrete, thin mortar or terrazzo toppings to existing concrete or metal.

  • Coating PCC (Portland Cement Concrete), masonry, brick, provide a waterproof, abrasion and chemically resistant barrier even under high humidity conditions.
  • Mixed with dry selected aggregates to form epoxy mortars for:
    • Patching spalls, pop-outs, floor toppings.
    • Fixing machine and stanchion bases, manhole frames and covers, ragbolts, pins, tie-beams, etc...
  • Rebuilding degraded joints in civil construction, bridge piles, canal locks, etc...
  • Embedding bolts, re-bars, dowels.
  • Corrosion protection of steel.

L.A. 2S based mortars, after 24 hours, meet and exceed the strength of a 28 days cured PCC.

Thanks to its unique formulation L.A. 2S alone can solve many problems on site.

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