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Sinseal 5-10-15


Fluid Polyurethane Compound, Fast Reacting with Water, to Form a Closed-Cell Foam.


Two-component product, mixed just before usage, to be injected by manual, piston or similar pumps with working pressure up to 10 bar.

  • SINSEAL 5 is of general use and thanks to its considerable expansive properties is chosen for stopping up substantial water spills.
  • SINSEAL 10 thanks to its high elasticity is preferred in all those cases of active cracks or shrinking and expanding discontinuities.
  • SINSEAL 15 thanks to its high fluidity is preferred for injection into thin cracks, or into ground to produce also a consolidating effect.

The injection holes should be preferably drilled at 45° angle to the cracks.
Experience and particular work conditions may suggest or impose other procedures.
In any way, once drilled the holes must be washed under water pressure in order to remove any rubble left.
The injection nozzles should be preferably of a disposable type, mechanically fixed into the holes. In many cases it is possible to use small copper pipes fixed with fast curing concrete or adhesive epoxy pastes.
For normal or heavy water inrush, a superficial plastering is generally not necessary, thanks to the very fast expansion and consequent hardening of SINSEAL.
For particularly discontinuous and thick sections with poor water inrush, a superficial sealing with fast curing concrete might be necessary.

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