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Fss Coat


Protective Wall Covering for Exteriors.


FSS COAT is a solution of styrol-acrylic copolymers, selected colour pigments and inert mineral extenders of various types and granulometry. The peculiar characteristics of the elastomer guarantee an extraordinary resistance to atmospheric agents, to temperature changes, to marine environment, to the acidity of heavy industry areas and to the alkalinity of cement based conglomerates. Alkali resistant and lightfast pigments ensure long life of colours, even on external walls, particularly exposed to variating light impact and weather conditions. Finally, the use of solvents with appropriate surface tension guarantees that the macromolecules in the film penetrate to the deepest zones of the wall through the surface porosity.
FSS COAT is, therefore, suitable to consolidate in great depth chalking and deteriorating wall surfaces and to offer a perfect adhesion even on particularly compact supports: FSS COAT ensures the complete protection of the wall surfaces, without hindering its transpiration. While mildew and micro organisms do not affect it. Since the product does not contain water, it can be applied at low temperature and be stored without particular precautions. Thanks to all its outstanding features, FSS COAT is particularly suitable for the protection and decoration of all types of wall surfaces under the most different weather conditions. Further, it has low values of water absorption and a high barrier effect against CO2 and acid gases, so it proves to be very effective in protecting concrete structures from carbonation.

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